About API3

API3 builds decentrally governed and quantifiably secure data feeds that power Web 3.0 applications without employing third-party intermediaries. Powered by Airnode-enabled first-party oracles, API3’s dAPIs are fully decentralized and blockchain-native APIs with quantifiable security.

Why API3?

API3’s Airnode protocol is a clear choice for a number of reasons. First, we believe in API3’s data provider method much more than its alternatives. API3 operates much closer to a typical API, in which the software interacts directly with the data providers without any middlemen. We prefer this method as it enforces accountability on behalf of the providers. API3’s Airnode protocol will allow for deployment of data feeds for tokens across various blockchain networks. By utilizing API3’s hyper efficient Airnode protocol, the protocol will avoid high gas fees, which allows us to more actively optimize our decentralized investment vehicles.
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