Long-term Strategy
DAMO holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn rebase rewards. Rebase rewards are correlated to the amount of revenue in which the protocol brings in. The amount will vary based on the amount of DAMO staked at the time.
Staking is a long-term strategy designed to put the power in the end-users hand. When staking, you lock up DAMO and receive sDAMO at a 1:1 ratio. As the rewarding process begins, your sDAMO will automatically rebase at the end of each rebase period. This means you will earn sDAMO.
When you unstake your sDAMO, you receive DAMO at a 1:1 ratio. The sDAMO is then burned upon you unstaking. sDAMO rebases are forfeited when opting to unstake and only the remaining amount of sDAMO will receive the rebase if any sDAMO remains.
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